Our Services


Our main goal at Savij is to offer the highest quality services while keeping your engine reliable. We strive to maintain the mentality that our engine package will benefit the customer and help them improve or just enjoy their improved engine package for the weekend warrior. 

With Chad Sanner doing our engine services, we provide engine packages to compete at the highest level. Chad has years of experience; modifying engines, working with professional teams, and participating in professional motocross and supercross. 

Savij offers services for both two stroke and four stroke engines.

Please fill out a Service Inquiry Form found at the top right of the page or click here.

Savij Offers the following services and modifications:


  • OEM Rebuilds
  • Adjusting Valves
  • Head Porting and Polishing
  • Transmission Polishing and Coating
  • Case Splitting
  • Crankshaft Maintenance or Replacement
  • Re-cut Valve seats


  • OEM Rebuilds
  • Power Valves
  • Head and Cylinder- Porting and Polishing
  • Split Cases 
  • Carburetor Service 
  • Transmission Polishing and Coating 
  • Crankshaft Maintenance or Replacement

Feel free to contact us for any other bike work you are interested in that is not listed. We will do almost all bike work needed to keep the customer happy!