Behind the Curtains of Savij

Who makes Savij Great?

Co-Owner and Ceo:

Broc Schmelyun

Photo Broc Schmelyun.jpg

Broc brings a solid foundation to Savij; with his experience from racing professionally and being a team manager for a professional Supercross Race Team, he understands what people are looking for in a brand. Broc also carries a great attitude, showing passion for the sport and consideration for others will guarantee you have a great experience with Savij. Broc is available at many local race events and a few amateur national events helping people who ride for Savij both on and off the track.

Co-Owner and Development:

Chad Sanner

Photo Chad Sanner.jpg

Chad has experience in building engines at the very top level of the motocross industry. His work has been proven to be the best on the track. After going off the map for a few years, Chad is back in the swing of motocross; super excited and motivated because of the new opportunity Savij has given him. Names like Alex Martin, Darryn Durham, Jon Ames, Phil Nicolletti, Ben Lamay, and many others can attest to Chad's abilities.